Case Study
Prioritizing Key Member Moments
A case study: beauty subscription service
The Business Challenge

IPSY, the world’s largest beauty subscription service, wanted to develop holistic customer journey maps for three of their brands — IPSY, Refreshments and BoxyCharm — and assess the current state experience delivered; identify and prioritize any experience delivery gaps; and create a future state experience for “key member moments.” Because the three brands appealed to different customer audiences by offering different product types and subscription pricing levels, there was a belief that the customer journeys were unique for each brand.

The Project

Stakeholder interviews, journey mapping workshops, customer discussion boards, and quantitative research with customers and employees were utilized to identify moments of truth, uncover gaps in experience delivery perceptions between customers and employees, and determine experience drivers. The insights gathered were used as inputs for six co-creation workshops with employees to redesign priority touchpoints and improve member experience.

The Results

The journey mapping process identified a common journey across the three brands with some brand-specific interactions. The program results helped align the organization around key issues and focus efforts that led to a journey management program. In the 12 months following the co-creation workshops, the IPSY and BoxyCharm brands were combined to offer a more holistic customer experience focusing on four key pillars: reframing the merchandise approach; improved customer communications; more consistent delivery dates; and customer care.

“[ImprintCX] was able to deliver a comprehensive view of our Member Journey including clear and specific recommendations that were deeply insightful for our business. ”
Sarah Rose, CPO