Sometimes the challenges we face just need a burst of fresh energy and thinking. Fractional support can bring incredible value where having a full-time team member wouldn’t make sense, either fiscally or even practically.
Our on-demand interim leaders and teams can help you fill the gap:
  • Lead effectively through change
  • Bring the fresh perspective your company needs
  • Spur change in a people-oriented manner
  • Maintain or increase business momentum
Whether your team is growing rapidly, or short a key player, we have the experience and the skills you need to take your business to the next level.
The ImprintCX team of interim executives and leaders are experienced in supporting companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 1000 companies. And we don’t just “talk the talk”—we’ll walk alongside your team to implement change.
And regardless of the role you’re seeking, your company gets executive experience without the full-time cost.
Chief Customer / Experience Officer
A fractional Chief Customer Officer is a CX executive who can guide customer experience strategy.

A fractional CCO can work with a business and focus on:

  • Defining CX strategy
  • Translating CX strategy into action and results
  • Managing, growing, and mentoring the company’s CX team
  • Driving organizational alignment around CX

They embed with your leadership team and seek to understand your business objectives to develop fresh and impactful strategies that will drive growth for your organization.

CX Director/Manager
A fractional CX Director/Manager helps plan, develop, launch, and manage customer experience initiatives and teams to achieve measurable results.

A fractional CX Manager can work with a business and focus on:

  • Developing initiatives
  • Implementing and managing initiatives
  • Managing and mentoring the CX team

They embed with CX and cross-functional teams to develop, guide and manage initiatives that turn your strategy into action and results.

Strategy Director
A fractional Strategy Director uncovers the best way forward to achieve your business goals and reach and connect with your most valuable audiences.

A fractional Strategy Director can work with a business and focus on:

  • Analyzing data and research to uncover unique, actionable insights
  • Prioritizing insights to determine which will drive the most value for your business proposition
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to implement and monitor the strategy to make real time adjustments for best results
  • Interpreting key metrics and performance for continuous learning and improvement

Their main job is to understand your business goals and uncover the intersection between those goals and the customer/consumer zeitgeist to create culturally relevant strategies and ideas.

Research Director/Manager
A fractional Research Director/Manager helps plan, design, launch, manage, and analyze quantitative and qualitative research projects.

A fractional Research Director can work with a business and focus on:

  • Supporting cross-functional teams to align research with business needs
  • Managing supplier relationships
  • Translating data and insights into actionable recommendations

Their main job is distilling business needs into research objectives, and recommending research designs and methodologies that will deliver actionable insights to drive business decisions.

If you’re looking for top-tier thinking without long-term investment, you’ve come to the right place.
Our team is comfortable helping a company through a transitional period or being leveraged as a cost-efficient way to introduce top-tier thinking and project management into an organization.

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