We are entering a new era.
We help you solve your customer challenges in innovative, effective, exciting ways.
It’s time to make our mark.

Customers and businesses don’t just co-exist. Businesses are always making an impression on the folks they serve. And, in their own one-of-a-kind way, our customers make their mark on us too. When we listen to them we can adjust our brand experiences to meet their changing needs.

Here at ImprintCX, we help you do just that: we help you have a meaningful dialogue with the customers that have the highest impact on your business.

Like a fingerprint, our delivery is completely personalized; powerful in its uniqueness. Flexible, yet certain.

Like the mark it leaves, our results are indelible.

It’s time to elevate CX for everyone.

The next generation of CX is here. We have the expertise, infrastructure and technology to deploy deeply meaningful, fully flexible experiences for our customers.

Experiences that are felt strongly, and imprint a brand message onto our communities.

We believe that understanding relationships is the key: the bonds between your brand, your employees and your customers; the interplay between your business and your employees.

When we understand the nuances of our external and internal journeys, we can change the face of Customer Experience.

Decades of experience. Infinite future potential.
We are ready to get in there and make it all feel easy.
Ed Murphy
Ed Murphy
Co-Founder and President

Customer experience and more: journey mapper, CX strategist & leader

Ed has achieved a very successful career by building relationships and providing innovative solutions to meet clients’ needs. With over thirty years as a global researcher, management consultant, and business leader, Ed brings his experience, expertise, and passion to every assignment.

Industry cred gained at Strativity Group, A Material Company, IPSOS

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Beth Karawan
Beth Karawan
Co-Founder and EVP

Insights and more: consultative market researcher, brand & shopper activation expert

Beth is an accomplished marketing professional, with experiences as a consultative market research supplier, agency leader and shopper activation expert, and client-side brand strategist.

Industry cred gained at IPSOS, Catapult Marketing, Kraft Foods, L’Oreal, Canon

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Backed by the best.
Our advisory board is comprised of the most esteemed innovators of our time.
Lior Arussy
Co-Founder and Advisor
One of the leading global authorities on CX, employee engagement, and strategy execution. Proven, passionate change agent (clients include Mercedes-Benz, Royal Caribbean Cruises, HSBC, FedEx); founder of Strativity Group; author of seven books and over 300 articles on business strategy, CX optimization, and achieving the ultimate success.
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Harry Hynekamp
Harry Hynekamp
First-ever GM of Customer Experience at Mercedes-Benz USA, ranked as the #1 luxury brand in JD Powers 2017 Sales Satisfaction Index. Harry’s contributions are chronicled in author Joseph Michelli’s best-selling book “Driven to Delight.” As VP of Guest Experience for AMBSE, the Atlanta Falcons claimed the title of best Gameday Staff for 2022-23 and 2023-24, according to the NFL’s Voice of the Fan league-wide survey.
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Sean McDade
Sean McDade, Ph.D
Founder & CEO of PeopleMetrics (leading company in CX measurement); author of two best-selling books on CX (“Listen or Die”, “Pharma Customer Experience”); award winning CX blog (recognized by Inc. Magazine, NG Data, Customer Guru).
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Joseph Michelli
Joseph Michelli, Ph.D
Top 5 CX Global Guru, founder (The Michelli Experience), certified CX professional (clients include Godiva, Starbucks, Mercedes-Benz, UCLA Health System), and New York Times #1 bestselling author of ten CX books about brands like The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks, Zappos, and Airbnb.
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“Lior Arussy’s new book provides a clear roadmap to one of the biggest challenges of our times – not just dealing with change, but embracing it and thriving in it. Lior’s common sense approach provides simple, clear examples of how all of us can stop living in fear of change and develop the resilience needed for “the relentless pursuit of What’s Next.”
—Jeff Dailey
CEO of Farmers Insurance
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