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Imprint CX: making a mark on the industry
Innovators Ed Murphy and Beth Karawan have a new way of thinking about CX
by Ed Murphy and Beth Karawan

Here’s the thing about modern marketing: it’s overwhelming. It’s been overwhelming for decades, and things have only gotten more complex.

From clients to customers to shoppers to buyers to consumers, there are myriad folks who receive a brand experience in any given moment. They each have different needs and motivations. Different expectations and reactions to the experience itself. And those folks are only half of the equation. What about the people working for the organization? Developing and delivering those experiences?

That’s a lot of touchpoints.

Managing the brand vision and experience quickly becomes unmanageable. And we’ve relied on digital technology to get us out of the jam. From marketing automation and scheduled social media posts, DIY self service tools and customer service chatbots, there’s a digital product out there to patch almost any hole.


“There is a belief that digital will fix everything…but nothing will replace the human experience.”
—Ed Murphy


As founder Ed Murphy says: there is a belief that digital will fix everything. Yes, digital is great; it’s an enabler. But nothing will replace the human experience. It’s humans that consume brands. Sell brands. And form relationships. It’s humans that have the power to move business forward.

And we don’t need to boil the ocean. When it comes to customer experience and employee experience, ​​alignment, focus and leadership commitment are key.

When we apply our energy to:

Identifying our most evangelical brand fans

Shifting employees’ mindset to be more customer-focused

Finding the most powerful moments to deliver a message

That’s when we move from average to exceptional, and delivering elevated experiences. That’s what ImprintCX is all about.

“Make room for future thinking, and challenge our clients to behave proactively instead of reactively – that’s what we do.”
—Beth Karawan

As Beth Karawan, ImprintCX founder, puts it: ImprintCX clears the clutter and offers stressed stakeholders the space to think bigger about their business. To focus on what’s next. To reimagine how their brand and employees can play a part in a bigger and better future.

ImprintCX helps organizations of every size develop a framework to create meaningful, deep human experiences for their most valuable customers.