How They Made Their Mark:
Megan Searfoss

“How They Made Their Mark” is our series of conversations with thought leaders and mark-makers. In this conversation, we speak with:

Megan Searfoss


Ridgefield and Darien Running Company, Voted 2022 Best Running Store in America

Q: What is the number one lesson you have learned during your CX career journey that you use on a regular basis, that you believe all CX professionals should know?

It really doesn’t matter what your business is, what you are selling or serving, CX is the same. Whether you are waiting tables, selling insurance, or fitting someone for running shoes, the power of human connection is what you are delivering, and then the product will go out the door.

Q: What is your best piece of advice for CX leaders to be successful?

Put yourself on the floor (if retail) often. Listen, watch and teach your team at the moment. Role playing is OK but working alongside your team is helpful for patterning.

Q: What has been your biggest pain point in driving CX at your organization?

Teaching CX to younger staff that are spending less time in front of people.

Q: While all customers should be treated well, do you think all customers should be treated exactly the same?

100%. Humans are all the same.

Q: What is your most favorite customer experience memory?

My favorite CX experience is converting the most difficult customer into your biggest billboard. Some people choose to be difficult, some have terrible things happening in their life and they wear it on their sleeve. I love to chip away at these people. Maybe it is a challenge for me and that is why it is my favorite, but honestly, if I can change one person’s life with a smile, a laugh, or a redirect on their outlook, that’s a win.

Q: What is your least favorite customer experience memory?

When the above doesn’t work.

Q: What is your most favorite professional memory?

Receiving Store of the Year by our industry association. We did this as a team, crushed our customer experience scores and reviews and were recognized.

Q: What is your least favorite professional memory?

I think those days in early Covid. I was all alone in the business, trying to understand how to stay afloat and keep people employed. Our business is brick-and-mortar and needs CX to survive. I pivoted to online quickly and we started delivering to homes. I did video chats and talked endlessly on the phone. It was hard and lonely.

Q: What is the best job you’ve ever had?

The current job I have. I love teaching our team to connect with our customers in a real way.

Q: What is the worst job you ever had?

Haven’t had it yet. I have loved all that I have done. Maybe I have been fortunate about what I have been able to do but perhaps it is because I choose to find ways to enjoy crappy things.

Q: What are the most overused business words or phrases?

Bandwidth — We aren’t computers.

Q: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I always wanted to be a doctor, probably a little late now, but always a dream

Q: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Our three children. Teaching them to be compassionate, loving people.

Q: What book changed your life?

“Together is Better” by Simon Sinek

Q: What is your motto?

“Trust your crazy ideas.” If you don’t try, you will never grow.

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